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Enchanted Souk

Enchanted Souk

For Christmas, Cire Trudon travels to they alleys of a Morrocan Enchanted Souk: warm hanging lights, colorful molten glass, golden-coppery accessories, all are an invitation to travel to the desert, mesmerized with visions and scents.

Like precious Moroccan lanterns, every glass is handcrafted with care and decorated with gold leaves. Colorful, the collection vibrates with light: amber for Abd el Kader, anthracite for Ernesto, sapphire blue for Fir, emerald green for Gabriel and ruby red for Gloria.

Gathered around a creative Christmas-cactus, the evocative perfumes display Moroccan mint-tea, a veil of incense, the sweetness of orange blossoms and a handful of powerful spices – nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, clove. A sensorial feast awaits.

Finely crafted the brick red boxes welcome golden illustrations: an incense burner, a Fez hat, babouche slippers, a hammered tray or pair of earrings dance on the surface. On a few sides, an architecture detail brings an ancient Moroccan wall or the decorative elegance of a mosque to life. Brought together, these symbols celebrate the magic of an Oriental Christmas.