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Solis Rex Pillar Candle

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Cameo Solis Rex

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This special edition pays tribute to Louis the 14th, also known as the "Sun King", defender of the arts and letters, and completes the Versailles collection: a Gold and Blue pillar candle with a mold by hand golden Louis XIV cameo as an ornament. Each pillar candle is milled, colored and decorated in our Normandy atelier.

Louis XIV conceived the Versailles park as a departure from the traditional courtly life, offering an invitation to relaxation and festivities. The initial celebrations, titled "The Pleasures of the Enchanted Isle," featured an exceptional comedy-ballet by Molière and Lully. Three days of celebration where even the castle, too small for all the guests, forced some to sleep in their carriages just to see the king dance and perform comedy.

H: 15cm Ø: 8cm

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