Petite bougie
Belles Matières

Three Belles Matières scented candles celebrate
the New Year in a new format: La Petite Bougie.


The Belle Matière Ourika blends floral and spicy notes, both highlighting the iris’ sensual and powdery nature.


The Alabasters

Trudon unveils a new range with white luminescent attributes


The perfumes

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Standing out as a symbol of the Renaissance, L’Œuf combines the softness of unglazed ceramic and the strength of a satin-black, turned wood stand.

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Château de Gudanes

Château de Gudanes is the home and grand renovation project of Karina Waters, at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains. Built during the 18th century. We fell under the spell of this truly extraordinary place that uses moslty candles to light its 92 rooms.

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Trudon and the Orne dark bee

Cire Trudon commits to a more sustainable practice to protect the dark bee inside the Perche Regional Nature Park, where the manufacture is located. 

Trudon and the Orne dark bee