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Services for Professionals

Services for Professionals

Trudon partners with prestigious hotels and restaurants around the globe to offer elegant and distinctive scent, contributing to reinventing customer experience.

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Luxury Hotels and Gourmet restaurants

Trudon offers to professionals a large choice of services as well as an extensive range of fragrances in order to enhance customer experience.

In common spaces, reception and bar

Prestigious establishments have selected Trudon scents as part of their identity. Our products may be used in various areas, creating a unique olfactory journey.

In bedrooms

Trudon's excellence shines through meticulous attention to details. Trudon products create a warm and inviting atmosphere in common areas and guest rooms. Whether part of the mini bar offering or used as a personalized attention - a scented cameo delicately placed on a nightstand or a Petite Bougie gifted as a token of appreciation - our products mark a unique experience for your guests.

In the bathroom

Placed in the bathroom, our products transform this space into a realm of refinement. These thoughtful gestures ensure an unforgettable stay to your guests throughout your establishment.

At the restaurant

The iconic Trudon candles welcome elegantly and provide an intimate and comforting atmosphere.

Emblematic Parisian Restaurants have chosen to use Trudon taper candles, adding this strong element into the definition of their identity.

Others have selected a Trudon scent as their signature, offering an exclusive experience to all their customers.


La Promeneuse or the 5-wicks Great Candle have the necessary olfactory power to diffuse our fragrances outdoors.

In wellness spaces

There is an scent and a diffusion method – candles, diffusers or la Promeneuse – suitable for every space, even the most demanding.

Corporate gifts

Trudon offers a corporate gift service that allows you to express your gratitude to your team or your customers.

Our team is at your disposal to inform and assist you to make the perfect choice.

The addition of a personalized message is possible, on quotation.

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