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One stands up like a watchtower. The other lies low, playfully rocking on its sphere. Twin object designed by Pauline Deltour, Cire Trudon Eteignoirs are tools of precision: a thin brass hook reaches out to press the wick into the wax, without pinching it or smothering it.

Smoke is overrated

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Royal Eclipse

Absolute authority: chin up, proud bust and a disdainful attitude, the Sun King rules. Available in a stone or navy-blue attire, the unparalleled monarch now reigns over Cire Trudon’s collection of busts.

Pay Court to Louis XIV

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Cire Trudon and Stéphane Castelluccio present a series of 6 anecdotes revealing the use of wax and candles under the Ancien Régime.

Discover it

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Light my Fire

Cire Trudon matches can light up any fire. Lean and frivolous, elegantly stacked in a large illustrated box, they hold their fire. An iconic product, the scented matches are available in 6 of the Maison’s original scents.

Light me up !

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