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Inspired by the Renaissance

With spring, light comes back into play. For its new collection of Cameo pillar candles, Cire Trudon embraces a new colour palette hints at the Golden Age of Renaissance, evoking paintings by masters such as Giotto, Bellini or da Vinci.

Colour spring in

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A trio of
‘Belles Matières’

Cire Trudon unveils ‘Les Belles Matières’, a trio of unique candles, pure and essential in their form. A vegetal triptych, the fine perfumes naturally orchestrate woody, floral and fruity fragrances: Reggio is infused with mandarin from Calabria; Tadine flirts with sandalwood from New Caledonia and Maduraï blooms with Indian jasmine.

Three’s a crowd

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One stands up like a watchtower. The other lies low, playfully rocking on its sphere. Twin object designed by Pauline Deltour, Cire Trudon Eteignoirs are tools of precision: a thin brass hook reaches out to press the wick into the wax, without pinching it or smothering it.

Smoke is overrated

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Royal Eclipse

Absolute authority: chin up, proud bust and a disdainful attitude, the Sun King rules. Available in a stone or navy-blue attire, the unparalleled monarch now reigns over Cire Trudon’s collection of busts.

Pay Court to Louis XIV

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