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Le Diffuseur Tuileries

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Floral & fruity chypre

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Handcrafted in the same glass manufacture than the candles, the Diffuser is topped with a 100% recyclable aluminum ring. Through it, you place 8 natural, black rattan sticks. This is a 350ml fluted container adorned with a gold emblem.

The diffuser allows a 3 to 4-month long, passive diffusion. 

Separate refills available.

The fragrance was conceived as an homage to the rose, the Queen’s favorite flower throughout her life.
Rosa beere, Schwarze Johannisbeere, Mandarine
Weiße Blumen, Himbeere, Geranie, Rose
Moschus, Patschuli, Sandelholz, Vanille

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Le Diffuseur Tuileries

The Tuileries collection finds its inspiration in a rare document kept at the French National Archives: the Gazette des Atours de la Reine. In what seems like an ordinary notebook, countess Geneviève d’Ossun – a French courtier who served as lady-in-waiting and first maid of honor to Marie Antoinette – gathered many fabric samples used to tailor the sovereigns’ many dresses and royal outfits. Tuileries is the new floral fragrance based on the Queen’s favorite flower throughout her life: the rose.