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Trudon Loyalty Program General Terms and Conditions of Use


The “Royal Court” Program is published by C.I.R., (hereinafter C.I.R.) a French simplified joint-stock company [société par actions simplifiée] with share capital of 550,832.00 euros, whose registered office is located at 23 rue d’Anjou, 75008 Paris ( It is registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 552 057 002. The director of publication is Mr Olivier Blondeau, in his capacity as Chairman of the company.

Customers will only be able to use this program in participating Trudon stores (Trudon stores in France: 78 rue de Seine, Paris 6th arrondissement - 11 rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie, Paris 4th arrondissement, Printemps Haussmann, Le Bon Marché, La Samaritaine) and online on our website at

Purchases of TRUDON products from any retailers not listed above do not qualify for the loyalty program.


  1. Membership Terms and Conditions

The Royal Court Program, hereinafter “the Program”, is a Loyalty Program whose membership is open to every adult consumer, i.e. any natural person acting for purposes which do not fall within the scope of their commercial, industrial, artisanal, professional or agricultural activity, participating for their strictly personal use. Only one membership is allowed per natural person. C.I.R. group employees as well as companies, associations or any other legal person are unable to participate in the Program.

By becoming a member of the Program, you are deemed to have read, understood and fully accepted these general terms and conditions applicable to the Program (the “General Terms and Conditions”) and any changes that may be made thereto. We recommend that you regularly review these General Terms and Conditions and all the related rules to which they refer, as well as the question and answer summary provided to fully understand the Program’s membership and operational terms and conditions which may change. These General Terms and Conditions are independent from any other general terms and conditions relating to the purchase of our products or to other existing programs or agreements. By joining the Program, you also agree to be bound by our Privacy Policy, and by the general terms and conditions of use of the website if you join the Program when making a purchase on said website and/or if you buy the Products on this website. If you do not expressly agree to the General Terms and Conditions, our Privacy Policy and the general conditions of use of the website, you may not participate in the Program.

C.I.R. reserves the right to exclude any member who is found failing to comply with these General Terms and Conditions.

Membership of the Program and its benefits is entirely at C.I.R.’s discretion, which may at any time terminate the Program or change its membership terms and conditions, operational rules or the benefits offered, by communicating the changed elements by any means on the website or in store. Your continued participation in the Program after such publications shows that you agree to the changes that have been made.



  1. Program Registration

2.1 – Opening a customer account

To register for the Program and enjoy its benefits, you must have a Trudon customer account.

In each of the Participating Trudon Stores, your Sales Consultant will be happy to register you for the Program if you wish, by creating an Account for you.

You can also register on the website.

In any case, it is completely free to register and there is no obligation to buy.

2.2 – Account ownership

Only one Account can be associated with an email address. If there is a dispute over who holds an Account, the Program member will be deemed to be the owner of the email address provided during registration. Therefore, the authorised Account holder is the natural person to whom the applicable email address has been assigned by the Internet access provider or online service provider or other organisation responsible for providing email addresses for the domain name associated with the submitted email address.

2.3 – Provision and updating of your data

You agree to provide the correct, accurate, current and complete information required to register for the Program and to complete the profile form, and you agree to update such data promptly so that it remains accurate, current and complete. If you provide false, inaccurate, out-of-date or incomplete information, or if C.I.R. has reason to suspect that your registration data is false, inaccurate, out-of-date or incomplete or that you are misusing your Program membership in any way, C.I.R. has the right to suspend, terminate or refuse your current or future use of the Program. Each member is solely responsible for ensuring the personal information necessary to access their Account remains accurate and up-to-date by asking their Sales Consultant at the Trudon store participating in the Program or by submitting their request on the website.


  1. Purpose and operation of the Program

The Trudon Loyalty Program is a way of rewarding and thanking our loyal customers for purchasing products sold under the TRUDON brand. You can reach different Program tiers by making qualifying purchases. When you reach the tiers, you become eligible to receive the benefits and rewards applicable to the threshold reached, which may change or be available for a limited period.

The Program is a tiered program determined by the amount in Euros spent on purchases in a single twelve-month period.

The day you register for the Program, you become a Program member.

You begin to move up through the tiers on the day you register for the Program (the “Start Date”).

You have a maximum of twelve months from the Start Date to move up, during which:

  • When you register for the Program, you become a “Courtier”.
  • When you have spent one hundred and eighty euros including tax on purchases, you become a “Viscount/Viscountess”.
  • When you have spent four hundred euros including tax on purchases, you become a “Marquess/Marchioness”.
  • When you have spent eight hundred euros including tax on purchases, you become a “Duke/Duchess”.
  • When you have spent one thousand five hundred euros including tax on purchases, you become a “King/Queen”.

The above tiers refer to the calculated amount of the purchases you have made during the 12 calendar months following the start date.

The amounts are the purchase price of the Products, including tax. The delivery charges for the Products are not included.

Rewards do not accrue if multiple tiers are reached.

If you reach a tier during the 12 months, you can choose to either continue to move up or claim your gift for that tier when visiting a store or when confirming your purchase online.

If you decide to receive your gift, your balance will be reset to zero. You then restart the Program with a new Start Date, which begins on the day of your next purchase.

In any event, your purchase balance is reset to zero after 12 months and you cannot receive any rewards if you have not claimed them during this period.

3.1 – Recognition of purchases

Only purchases made via your Account, in participating Trudon Stores and on the website, qualify for the Program.

For your purchase to be recognised under the Program, you must be registered on the Program and provide your customer account identification (i.e. the name and contact method you registered under the Program) at the same time as your purchase in one of the participating Trudon Stores or on the website.

If you are worried that a purchase or other activity may not be correctly applied to your account, you should contact Trudon Customer Service. Your email should include your name and the email address associated with the Program, the date of the Program activity, and any problems you encountered. This email must be sent no later than forty-five (45) days after the date the purchase or Program activity occurred. We are not responsible for late notifications regarding purchases or other Program activities that are not credited to an account.

3.2 – Purchases not included

Purchases are not recognised if Program membership was not declared at the time of purchase.

If your Program membership is terminated for any reason and you register for a new Program account, only purchases made after this new account is opened are recognised.

Transfers cannot be made from one account to another.

Euros are also debited:

  • If you choose to claim your gift during a visit to the store, or when ordering online, your balance will be reset to zero. You then restart the Program with a new Start Date, which begins on the day of your next purchase.
  • If they were credited as a result of a technical error made by Trudon
  • If they are obtained through fraudulent or other activity that violates these Terms and Conditions
  • If an entire purchase is returned or cancelled, it being understood that in the event of partial return or cancellation, only the euros corresponding to the part of the purchase not kept will be debited
  • At the end of 12 months if no tier has been reached and/or no reward claimed
  • If the Program membership is terminated for any reason.

You can check your euro balance or your tier:

  • On the email associated with the online order, and in the “Your Account” section online
  • By asking your in-store Sales Consultant


  1. Program Benefits and Rewards

As a member of the Program, you accrue euros, which determine your tier and therefore your benefits. To claim your reward, you must have accrued the minimum number of euros associated with a tier as determined by us for a particular benefit. You must be identified in the Store or on the website to use your benefits. Some offers can only be sent by e-mail, so you must ensure that you provide an up-to-date e-mail address.

If you refuse to receive Program letters or emails, certain offers will not be accessible.

The tiers and rewards are as follows:



Courtier : upon registering for the Program


Viscount : from 180€ including tax spent

A box of six Trudon Stone Madeleines taper candles. Depending on the stocks available on the day of your request, the color may change.

Marquess : from 400€  including tax spent

A 70g Small Cyrnos Candle. Depending on the stocks available on the day of your request, the scent may change.

Duke : from 800€  including tax spent

A 270g Classic Cyrnos Candle. Depending on the stocks available on the day of your request, the scent may change.

King : from 1500€ spent

An 800g Intermède Cyrnos Candle. Depending on the stocks available on the day of your request, the scent may change.


We may change the rewards at any time.

The new rewards apply to any request to claim rewards after the change.


  1. Terms and Conditions of Use of Rewards

5.1 – Collection of rewards

The Program’s gifts, benefits and offers are available until stocks run out and/or their expiry date if they are time-limited.

You do not need to make a new purchase to claim the rewards.

You can collect the free product for your loyalty tier in store no later than 12 months from your Start Date, with no purchase required, in any of the Participating Trudon Stores.

You can also request delivery of the free product via the website.

If the free product is claimed via the website, the customer shall pay the shippin costs if:

  • The gift is claimed online without any orders being placed,
  • If the order you placed when claiming the gift is less than the minimum order amount to benefit from the free shipping costs as they appear on the website.

5.2 – Personal and non-transferable account

Neither the accounts, nor the Program’s rewards, benefits and/or accrued euros may be transferred, shared or combined. Only the Account associated with the payment of the products can earn rewards and benefits and/or accrue euros. Your Account information (including security information) is confidential and should not be shared with others.

Rewards, benefits and euros accrued under the Program have no cash value, are not transferable, and you have no right of ownership over the Program’s rewards or other benefits. The sale, exchange, transfer or assignment of any rewards or benefits offered by the Program, other than by us, is expressly prohibited.

Rewards cannot be exchanged or returned for euros, or another product or service.

5.3 – Prohibition of resale

The products and services available under the Program and any samples we may provide to you are for personal use only. You may not sell or resell any products, services or samples that you purchase or otherwise receive from us. We reserve the right to cancel or reduce the quantity of any order to be fulfilled and/or any product or service to be provided to you which, in our opinion and at our sole discretion, may result in a breach of our Terms and Conditions.

  1. Program Communication

To receive Program-related communications, you must identify yourself in store or on the website. Examples of such communications are welcome emails or other communications that help us monitor your Account. If you unsubscribe from Program-related communications, you will no longer receive emails regarding your Program status or any Program rewards or benefits that may be offered to you under the Program.

By registering for the Program, you will not be automatically registered to receive marketing communications. If you agree to receive marketing communications, you should follow the instructions provided in the Program-related emails.

If multiple members of a household share an email address and/or a postal address, those members may choose to receive information and offers associated with a single Account. You can stop receiving Program-related communications by identifying yourself in store and telling your Sales Consultant, or by clicking on the corresponding option in the newsletters.


  1. Stopping or changing the Program

The Program and its benefits are arranged at our sole discretion. We may, at our discretion, cancel, change, restrict or terminate these Terms and Conditions or the Program or any aspect or feature of the Program at any time without notice, even though such changes may affect the value of the rewards.

We reserve the right to change the Program’s benefits, how you reach each Program tier and how we measure and reward your qualifying purchases and/or any other Program activity. We reserve the right to limit the number of qualifying purchases or activities for the Program and/or for a given threshold, the number or types of rewards or benefits that you can receive or earn at a given level, in a given time period or for the duration of the Program, and/or any combination of the two options.

Changes to the tiers or the stopping of the Program will not apply to people in the process of moving up.


  1. Termination for your fault or at your initiative

If the membership is terminated for any reason, all euros accrued and tiers reached will be lost.

We reserve the right to exclude you from the Program or discontinue your participation in it and to verify your Account at any time, at our sole discretion.

Any suspected misuse of the Program, violation of the Terms and Conditions, inactivity for more than 24 months, illegal activity, fraud, misrepresentation or any other conduct inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions and/or harmful to us or our interests, including, in particular, any illegal, fraudulent and unauthorised use of the rewards, may result in the revocation of your membership and disqualify you from further participation in the Program.

If your subscription is revoked, any rewards or benefits in your account will automatically expire and your access to the Program and its features will automatically terminate.

If we suspect illegal activity, fraud, misrepresentation, misuse or violation of these Terms and Conditions, we also have the right to take appropriate legal action, at our sole discretion.

If you decide that you no longer wish to be part of the Program, you may cancel your membership at any time by sending an unsubscribe request to, or by asking your sales consultant in one of the stores participating in the Program. If you cancel your membership, you will lose all accrued euros, benefits and the membership tier. 


  1. Compensation

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless us and our parent companies, subsidiaries, partners, licensors, officers, directors, employees and agents against any loss, damages or costs, including reasonable attorney fees, arising from any third party claim, action or application arising from your participation in the Program in violation of any law, rule or regulation of these Terms and Conditions.


  1. Applicable law and disputes

This Program and these Terms and Conditions are governed by French law. Any dispute relating to this Program, these Terms and Conditions, your Program membership or the relationship between the parties must be submitted to the competent French jurisdiction.


  1. Personal data

Participation in the Program requires the collection of personal data by C.I.R. to administer the Program and your entitlements to rewards.

The data collected are accessible to C.I.R. employees who manage the program and to employees of participating stores.

The data are kept for the duration of your participation and are deleted within a maximum period of 6 months if your participation is cancelled or terminated.

They are also kept until the end of the dispute if a dispute is opened between C.I.R. and you.

You can access your data at any time, rectify them, request their deletion or exercise your right to limit the processing of your data.

Your refusal for the data marked as required to be processed or continue to be processed will make it impossible to remain in the Program.

To exercise your rights, you can contact us at the following address: CIR, 23 rue d’Anjou 75008 PARIS or by e-mail:

The personal information collected from you in connection with the Program, including, in particular, the purchases made under your Program membership, will be processed by us and our services in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Policy.


  1. Contact us

For more information about the Program and your membership, contact Customer Service at We are not responsible for applications, requests or documents lost or delayed in the post or on the Internet.