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Golden Age

An angel, a bright star and a Magi King: Cire Trudon’s festive trilogy casts light on Christmas.

Treasure hunt

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Royal Eclipse

Absolute authority: chin up, proud bust and a disdainful attitude, the Sun King rules. Available in a stone or navy-blue attire, the unparalleled monarch now reigns over Cire Trudon’s collection of busts.

Pay Court to Louis XIV

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Cire Trudon and Stéphane Castelluccio present a series of 6 anecdotes revealing the use of wax and candles under the Ancien Régime.

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Light my Fire

Cire Trudon matches can light up any fire. Lean and frivolous, elegantly stacked in a large illustrated box, they hold their fire. An iconic product, the scented matches are available in 6 of the Maison’s original scents.

Light me up !

A floral palette

It’s spring. Fields of flowers blossom under the first sun beams. Their soft, tender colours dazzle infinitely in an array of green, pink, blue and yellow hues. This luminous palette inspired Cire Trudon with a new collection of Cameo pillar candles.

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Named after the sun

Cyrnos. High noon. A heated sky; the sea shivers. Reminiscent of the garrigue, a breath of thyme and mastiha lingers in the air. Over the garden, the choreographed shadows of fig trees and parasol pine trees dance and vanish in front of the deep blue sea. Contemplation reaches a high; it’s time to rest. Douceur de vivre leads the way.

Wandering around Cyrnos’ gardens

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