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Manufacturing Secrets

Manufacturing Secrets




Magnetic reflections and luminous surfaces, Cire Trudon celebrates Christmas with six precious scented candles: silver leaves and a colorful lacquer finish bring a festive touch to the collection. Handcrafted with care, each glass is unique.

Once lacquered on the inside, silver leaves are placed one by one, in a random manner: through the fine cracks, the flickering gives the candle a mysterious presence. The scented candles stand out with their colorful sheen: Abd el Kader’s silvery-white, Ernesto’s enigmatic black, Fir’s deep metallic blue, Nazareth’s magnetic red, Gabriel’s iridescent khaki and Hupo’s golden amber compose a harmonious family.

In addition to Cire Trudon’s Nativity scents – picturing deserts, benzoin, myrrh and the trilogy of Magi kings – Fir et Hupo bring wintery notes of fir and amber to the collection. A unique Christmas collection available in stores, and online.