- Olfactory echoes -

Balmoral & Gainsborough

In this painting of the English artist Thomas Gainsborough (1727- 1788), the countryside sky is torn between light and clouds, blue is chasing grey, capturing the unique moments after the rain has stopped. A stormy rain, short and sudden, followed by intense light that perforates the woods and the trees, and fills the meadow with sunshine. But the horizon is still heavy. The earth, probably damp under the bushes, is still dry enough at the tree's foot for a peasant to seek shelter from the raindrops. A moment of rest before taking his stick, and resuming his walk through the fields heading back to nearby village that can be seen in the distance.The square tower - would that be the church? - is like a reminder of Balmoral castle's keep. Because even if the surrounding countryside belongs to Suffolk and not to Scotland, it is reminiscent of Cire Trudon's Balmoral candle's leafy and sappy scents. 'Damp ferns, young shoots, meadows... Under the green sun that is already drinking up the storm, they throw their herbaceous fragrances to the wind...'

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