A box of Scented Matches gifted with the purchase of a Classic Candle (270g). Offer valids until March 15th , 2024 and limited to one box of Scented Matches per order.

Handmade cameo candles.

Handmade cameo candles.


First the candles are compressed in the House’s specially designed molds. Once the wax has dried, the edges are rounded and any sharpness is smoothed with a knife. Then an intense pigment bath makes the colored wax even more vivid. Green, blue, black, red, fluorescent yellow … Cire Trudon’s colors range from the most classic to the most pop … any combination is possible.

After being colored, each candle is decorated with a hand-molded cameo that is painted or gilded with a brush. To note : the La Marquise cameo pays homage to Madame de Pompadour and the imperial candle shows the effigy of Napoleon.

Once the cameo has been placed on the candle, it is packaged in a special box and sent around the world.

These steps bring to life the traditional know-how of Cire Trudon. The House takes all the time needed to produce its collection. Truly a luxury.