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Cire Christmas // Good News

Cire Christmas // Good News

On a 25th of March, the archangel Gabriel announces Mary she will give birth to God’s child without even experiencing carnal love. Nine months after, Jesus Christ is born. A miracle which never occurred again.

It is this spirit of Good News Gabriel, the latest Christmas candle by Cire Trudon, is redolent of. With its fragrance of wood fire and candied chestnuts, it recreates the convivial atmosphere of well-served meals and evenings spent by the fireplace.

December will be filled with Gabriel’s fragrance, which announces Christmas like an Advent calendar. Yet with it, greed is not to be tasted but smelled. And that’s some good news for your body…

Gabriel, sizes classic, Intermezzo and Great Candle, available in all the Cire Trudon stores.