L’Œuf Diffuser Refill
Abd el Kader

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Standing out as a symbol of the Renaissance, L’Œuf combines the softness of unglazed ceramic and the strength of a satin-black, turned wood stand. L’Œuf is inspired by ancient ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’, great exploration routes and the glorification of the animal kingdom. More than 3 months of diffusion The set is composed of a 300ml bottle containing the fragrance and 8 reeds. Also available with Ernesto and Cyrnos scents.
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Bourgeon de Cassis, Citron, Gingembre, Girofle, Menthe crépue, Pomme
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L’Œuf Diffuser Refill - Abd el Kader

Born in 1808 near the town of Mascara in Algeria, Abd El Kader was a politician and military leader, as well as a writer, poet and philosopher who founded the Algerian state. Nicknamed “the friend of the French”, he was said to be enlightened and cultivated. A man who always fought with honour, he was highly respected even by his enemies.