- Step 1 -


Elaborated hand in hand with world class perfumers, Trudon's fragrances are the result of a careful development. Choosing the raw materials, testing the formula in our laboratory, mixing the perfume with the wax are some of the steps that lead the way to a scented candle.

- Step 2 -


All our candles are handmade in our own factory in Normandy, France. Their fabrication begins by the setup of the wicks. They are set at the bottom of each glass so that they stay perfectly centered. The glasses are then aligned on wooden counters before pouring.

- Step 3 -


Right after the molten wax is mixed with the perfume, it is poured by hand into the aligned glasses.

- Step 4 -


When the wax is poured, the wicks are softened due to the effect of the heat and they slightly bend inside the glass. When the wax starts to solidify, the wicks are straightened by hand to ensure that the stay perfectly centered.

- Step 5 -


The candles are then surfaced. This means that the top is slightly melted to make sure the surface is perfectly smooth. The wick is then cut at a specific height to ensure an optimal first burning.

- Step 6 -


Once cooled, every candle is inspected, wiped and packaged by hand.