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La Promeneuse Red Edition

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The Object

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La Promeneuse is a decorative object designed to diffuse the most emblematic Trudon’s fragrances. This season, Trudon is offering a limited edition: The Red Edition Promeneuse.

Dressed in a deep red fluted glass, it perfumes interiors with a wax cameo. La Promeneuse was imagined by Trudon and designed by Pauline Deltour. It revisits the noble materials and key codes of Trudon : fluted glass, ceramic and aged-gold brass.

After placing a cameo in the ceramic dish, light a night-light beneath it. The heated cameo will melt and spread its fragrance rapidly into the air.

La Promeneuse allows to easily change fragrances.

Setting it up :

- Always place the Promeneuse on a perfectly flat surface away from children, animals, drafts and curtains.

- Never place the Promeneuse on or near a heat source.

- Place the ceramic dish on the brass cradle.

- Place the spoon on the dish in the center.

- Place a perfumed cameo on the spoon.

- Lift the glass piece and place a small candle in the place destined for it under the Promeneuse and light it.

- Delicately replace the glass piece.

Precautions :

- Never try to raise or move the Promeneuse when it is still lit or when there is still melted wax in the dish.

- The temperature of the brass spoon increases along with the cameo wax. Don’t touch the spoon when the wax is still liquid.

- The Promeneuse is only to be used for perfumed cameos and Trudon candles.

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