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Cire Trudon presents

La Promeneuse

A new design to perfume your home

Anatomy of
La Promeneuse

The Glass tinted in the core

Dresses the flame.
Crafted in Italy.

The Scented Cameo wax

Once heated, it spreads the iconic fragrances
into the air.
Crafted in France by Cire Trudon

The Spoon brass

The spoon helps extract the solidified wax and switch to a new cameo to enjoy a Cire Trudon fragrance.
Crafted in Portugal

The Dish ceramic

Receives the scented cameos.
Crafted in Portugal.

The Night-light glass

Burns eight hours to melt the scented cameos
Poured in France by Cire Trudon

Brass and ceramic structure

Eases handling of La Promeneuse.
Crafted in Portugal

Discover the scents of

The scented cameos


The designer

Pauline Deltour

Pauline Deltour was born in 1983 in Landerneau, France. She graduated from Olivier de Serres design school (ENSAAMA) and later from the object design department of the Paris school of decorative arts (Les Arts Décoratifs).. After graduating in 2007, she worked four years with Konstantin Grcic in Munich, Germany, before starting her own studio in Paris. Her multiple projects revisit tableware, furniture and also jewelry and space design.