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Que la lumière soit

Que la lumière soit

Covering the history of the evolution of light, from a period of time stretching from the discover of electricity to the announced end of the incandescent light bulb, the exhibition offers a prospective approach. It presents through the display of diverse contemporary objects, the new conceptual possibilities of light throughout a selection of iconic luminary objects taken from the collections of the Vitra Design Museum, such as Etorre Sottsass’ Asteroide, Vico Magistretti’s Atollo or more recently 85 lamps by Rody Graumans for Droog Design.

Rather than telling you to go and see an exhibition whose messy and confused layout unfortunately lets down, Cire Trudon encourages you to take a look at its catalogue, which is much better outlined and documented. Spotlight on a selection of six projects that stand out.

FLAMA lamp, Marti Guixé

« The history of light between your hands ». From candle to satellite, passing by fire to LED technology… A hand-sized wooden lamp, who progressive design allows to create different kinds of types of light according to need and envy.

Flying Flames, Moritz Waldemeyer pour Ingo Maurer


A chandelier with an industrial design, combining top end technology to ancient luminary sensations. Made from the One New Flame LED candles, whose varying luminosity created by Moritz Waldemeyer for Ingo Maurer, this user-adjustable chandelier will hang from your ceiling using discreet cable creating a soothing atmosphere.

Ropes, Christian Hass


XXL waxless wicks, these rope lamps, handmade in France and Germany, supply thanks to material integrated LED a soft and warm light.

Surface Daylight, Daniel Rybakken


Thanks to the installation of LED panels in backlight, Daniel Rybakken has successfully managed to create the perfect optical illusion. A projection of natural light on the surface of a canvas. A natural « day light » effect which reminds of the now common method of luminotherapy put into place in scandinavian countries. The designer is Norwegian…

Temporali, Alberto Garutti


This piece was created by an artist not a designer. This big chandelier, linked to the Italian Experimental Ectrotechnical Centre is fitted with numerous light bulbs which light up each time lightning strikes the Italian territory.

The Energy Collection, Marjan Van Aubel

Photosynthesis is not only the business of plants. These are a series of glasses, jugs and vases whose colour allows surrounding luminous energy to be stocked and transformed into electricity once the objects have been put back onto their bases. With The Energy Collection, Marjan Van Aubel applies the principal of photovoltaic panels to daily objects.