Sense of staging, light </br>and savoir-faire

Sense of staging, light and savoir-faire

Meet the talents who have collaborated to our new campaign. John Whelan, creative director passionate by projects with heritage, Christopher Broadbent, still-life’s photographer, and Davide Holzknecht, a promising wood craft sculptor.


Christopher, what inspires the compositions in your work?

Light, Structure and the hint of an Idea. Light dictates the composition with a little help from an orthogonal viewpoint, converging horizontal planes and a dominant central character.

Your use of light is also very distinctive - could you shed some light on that?

One source, a window, just off the viewer's left shoulder which creates soft penumbra and some chiaroscuro.

Davide, your process is very traditional. Who do you have to thank for that?

First of all my Dad. Since I was a child I was influenced by his woodwork. Then the academic studies and above all the possibility of working in excellent workshops, in close contact and comparison with woodworking masters.

Your work has a religious aspect. Is this by choice or by demand?

In Italy there is a great tradition of religious works of art, due to the large presence of churches. During the history of art many artists have created incredible masterpieces and for me it is a great inspiration to take this path.

Davide, what did you enjoy in Christopher's work ?

The passion for his work. He manages to transmit it thanks to a meticulous care of every detail. A true professional from whom I could learn so much, being able to work with him has made this experience rich and precious.

Same question for you Christopher, what did you enjoy in Davide’s work?

The combination of ease and finely tuned expertise in his work - and the family tradition behind it.

Christopher, what does Trudon now mean to you? 

Again, finely tuned expertise and the tradition behind it.

And for you Davide ?

I find so many similarities between Trudon and my work, starting from the products that are the result of a centuries-old tradition handed down over the years, where techniques and manuality are the real tool to achieve quality. History, tradition, manual skills…just like in sculpture.