Ein kostenloses Paket großer Duftstreichhölzer beim Kauf einer klassischen Kerze (270 g). Angebot gültig in Trudon-Geschäften und auf trudon.com bis zum 15. März 2024, auf eine Schachtel großer Duftstreichhölzer pro Warenkorb begrenzt.

Manufacturing Secrets

Manufacturing Secrets




Magnetic reflections and luminous surfaces, Cire Trudon celebrates Christmas with six precious scented candles: silver leaves and a colorful lacquer finish bring a festive touch to the collection. Handcrafted with care, each glass is unique.

Once lacquered on the inside, silver leaves are placed one by one, in a random manner: through the fine cracks, the flickering gives the candle a mysterious presence. The scented candles stand out with their colorful sheen: Abd el Kader’s silvery-white, Ernesto’s enigmatic black, Fir’s deep metallic blue, Nazareth’s magnetic red, Gabriel’s iridescent khaki and Hupo’s golden amber compose a harmonious family.

In addition to Cire Trudon’s Nativity scents – picturing deserts, benzoin, myrrh and the trilogy of Magi kings – Fir et Hupo bring wintery notes of fir and amber to the collection. A unique Christmas collection available in stores, and online.